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MOS Word 2016

Create and Manage Documents
Format Text ,Paragraphs, and Sections
Create Tables and Lists
Create and Manage References
Insert and Format Graphic Elements

Manage Document Options and Settings 
Design Advanced Documents
Create Advanced References
Create Custom Word Elements

Create and Manage Worksheets and Workbooks
Manage Data Cells and Ranges
Create Tables
Perform Operations with Formulas and Functions 
Create Charts and Objects 

Manage Workbook Options and Settings 
Apply Custom Data Formats and Layouts 
Create Advanced Formulas
Create Advanced Charts and Tables

Create and Manage Presentations 
Insert and Format Text, Shapes, and Images
Insert Tables,Charts, Smart Art, and Media
Apply Transitions and Animations
Manage Multiple Presentations

Create and Manage a Database 
Build Tables
Create Queries
Create Forms
Create Reports

Manage the Outlook Environment for Productivity 
Manage Messages
Manage Schedules
Manage Contacts and Groups