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Part two – round out your C++ skills
Here's the chance to build on what you know and become more proficient in the C++ language. This second course, in the 2-course series, is designed for students who already possess an understanding of C++. You'll work with templates and the Standard Template Library, read and understand template functions and classes, and properly use template classes and methods including third-party templates. The course will round out your technology skills, set you apart in the job market, plus, prepare you for the vendor-neutral C++ Certified Professional Programmer Certification (CPP). Prerequisite CPA: Essentials in Programming C++ or equivalent knowledge is required

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core skills

Learn the C++ template mechanism and write your own C++ programs

Understand and use elements of the C++ STL library

Solve programming problems with STL-predefined classes and methods

(Prepare for the C++ Certified Professional Programmer Certification (CPP