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Part two – advance your C programming skills
Expand your C programming knowledge by building on your what you already know either from taking the CLA: Programming Essentials in C course or possessing equivalent knowledge – specifically familiarity with library functions and the use of the preprocessor

You’ll learn advanced topics such as syntax and semantics of the C language, advanced data types, advanced libraries, the universal concepts of computer programming and developer tools, ability to identify code bugs and bottlenecks, programming advanced data structures, solving complex problems using data structures and algorithms - plus, most importantly, the course prepares you for the vendor-neutral CLP – C Certified Professional Programmer Certification. Come learn with us, your trusted IT education provider

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core skills

Grow your knowledge of the syntax and semantics of the C language

Design and write C programs regardless of the hardware of software platform

Identify code bugs and solve complex problems using data structures and algorithms

Prepare for vendor-neutral C Certified Professional Programmer (CLP) Certification